Do You Have Enough Insurance?

I talk with Andrew Beaver, from Beaver Insurance Agency at Allstate, who is a 3rd generation insurance agent. He loves (yes...really LOVES) talking about insurance because he makes his living by helping his customers protect the people they love and the things they value the most. He has seen how life-changing insurance can be when people have a plan in place and disaster strikes. Unfortunately, he has seen how devastating life's challenges can be when people don't. His goal as your insurance agent is to take that level of care with each of his customers and help them develop a plan and make decisions for themselves and their families, the same way he makes decisions for his.

Andrew Beaver Beaver Insurance Agency at Allstate 610-698-0216 [email protected]

0:00 Intro 
2:20Thinking About Your Future - Life Insurance 
7:46 What Are Home Buyers Missing With Insurance 
11:08 Using an App vs Talking To An Agent 
15:28 Liability Coverage

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