5 Things Zillow Doesn't Know About Your Home

Today we're going to be talking about the five things that Zillow doesn't know about your home.

  1. There are no two homes alike.
    Your neighbor's home may be slightly different than your home. For example, in Chester County, you have homes that are built last week, and you've got homes that were built 300 years ago. Zillow will never know that, so there are some big differences there.
  2. The unique features of your home.
    For example, do you have a view? Do you not have a view? Are you backing up to a pond? Do you have a pool? There are different things that aren't specific to every home that impacts the value.
  3. The condition of your home.
    Have you just remodeled your bathroom or your kitchen? Do you need remodeling? Do you still have a shag carpet? Do you have today's lighter hardwood floors?  Zillow will never figure that out because they haven't been in your home.
  4. Location specifics.
    Do you live near a busy road? Are you within walking distance to the restaurants, shops, close to the school, etc.? That's a big thing that can change the value of your home.
  5. How accurate your tax assessment is.
    Over time I've noticed that the higher your tax assessment is the higher your value could be. So if you're under-taxed your home could be undervalued.

What's the bottom line?

The bottom line is those are just five of the things that Zillow doesn't know about your home. Imagine the dozens more. The only way to accurately predict the value of your home is to talk to someone like me or talk to an appraiser. If you're interested in the value of your home go to https://www.kirksimmon.com/sellers/free-market-analysis/. You will get an automated value, kind of like Zillow, but I'm also going to call you and see if you need me to come by and give you the actual real deal value of your home.

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